Diploma in Baking Technology

January 6, 2020
6 trimesters (2 years)

The Diploma in Baking Technology qualification consists of competencies that an individual must achieve to enable him/her to manage bakery operations comprising of managing production of a variety of yeast products, pastry products and cakes and decoration of cakes. It also involves managing quality of bakery products and overall management of the production department of the bakery establishment.

Entry Requirements

An individual entering this course should have any of the following minimum requirements:

a) Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) MG C(Minus)
c) Equivalent qualifications as determined by Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA)


The course will be assessed at two levels: internally and externally. Internal assessment is continuous and is conducted by the trainer who is monitored by an accredited internal verifier while external assessment is the responsibility of TVET CDACC.


The student will attain the qualification of National Diploma in Baking Technology after demonstrating competence in all the units of competency. These certificates will be issued by TVET CDACC in conjunction with Equip Africa Institute.

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