Your experiences pursuing personal interests, exploring different activities, having fun with friends and meeting new people can be as important and inspiring as your education at Equip Africa.

At Equip Africa, we have diverse college community. You will meet new friends in expansive libraries, ultra-modern classrooms, and sun-kissed lawns. As you grow more familiar with the faces and places around you, you’ll begin to recognize something else; a feeling of belonging to Equip Africa.

College Accommodation & Meals

Majority of our students live and take their meals on campus. The college hostels offer exquisite facilities and maximum security designed to give students a residential experience that takes the fullest possible advantage of the diversity and educational opportunities at Equip Africa.

Students have a number of dining options in our student cafeteria.

Student Activities

Activities outside the classroom help you explore new interests, grow your talents, and make new firends. Students are free to join any of Equip Africa’s numerous sports teams, clubs and societies.

Student Health & Wellbeing

Equip Africa offers strong student support services. From fitness, to mental health, to peer support, and everything else to keep students wellbeing.

IT Services

Equip Africa offers Email and IT Account for access to all online resources, services and communications. These accounts are free of charge for faculty, staff and students. The College has fast internet at the Library, Computer Labs and various Wi-Fi hotspots located throughout the campus. Students with laptops, tablets, smartphones etc will access the free Wi-Fi.


The College has availed several college buses to ferry students. Students going for practical learning in our partner learning industries are catered for in the shuttle service.